10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Food Photography

Posted on Feb 3rd 2015

Whether you work in the hospitality sector, make food produce or like to blog about your baking efforts, you will want to show off your food at its best and the only way you can guarantee this is with professional food photography.

With modern technology making photography a second language and an addictive habit, we are never far away from pictures of food but how do you make them look amazing and enticing?

We have put together our top 10 tips:

1. Show people enjoying it

This is one of the best ways to create desire from a picture and really applies to most products. If the people (or animals etc.) in the photograph are enjoying the food, the viewer is far more likely to want to try your food as they will want to also experience the same sense of enjoyment.

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1.	Show people enjoying it image

2. Show it in a setting or context

Showing your food on a beautifully set table with accompanying crystal glasses, polished silver cutlery and a lace table cloth, will create a setting of luxury and you will create the same sense of luxury for your food in the photograph. Create whatever atmosphere you want people to associate with your food.

3. Have fun with your food

Don’t be too serious. Just because you are passionate about your food or produce, it doesn't mean you can’t have some fun with how you portray it. Use quirky props and colourful backgrounds to create interesting photographs.

4. Careful use of focus

There are often different elements to food photography so think about using focus to draw your viewer’s eye to the part of the dish you want to highlight. You can also use focus to emphasis things like steam or ripeness.

5. Zoom in

There is nothing stopping you from zooming in on your food, even if this obscures some of the food or dish. Creating a little mystery in your photography can make it more of a talking point allowing people to interact a little more with it.

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5.	Zoom in image

6. Use food photography across all channels

Don’t just think about taking the pictures of your food or produce, put some thought into how you are going to use them afterwards. Other than your website and on your menu, you could recycle them across social media channels and even blow them up on canvases and hang them in your workplace.

7. Understand the seasons

It is often the case that people tend to eat more salads in the warmer months and more roasted meals in the colder months so bear this in mind with your use of food photography. If you understand what your target market want to see and when, you will achieve a greater impact with your photography.

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7.	Understand the seasons image

8. Match your images with your messages

Similar to the point above, pairing your photography with the message you are trying to convey will have a bigger impact on your target market compared to random combinations of messages and images.

9. Use interesting props

Food alone has little context but using interesting props can bring your food to life and create an entire experience in your audiences mind. Props can help you show of your food at its best and can lead to some really creative and innovative images being created. For example, a jar of honey can seem fairly plain until you combine it with a roast chicken!

10. Choose interesting angles

Just because we would normally look at something in a particular way, doesn't mean we have to take our photography’s from those angles. There is nothing stopping us using interesting angles to create intrigue.

For more food photography inspiration, visit our Tastes pages or follow our Food Photography board on Pinterest.

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