Head-shots were a big part of 2014

Posted on Dec 15th 2014

Headshots are nothing new but we have noticed a particular abundance of business, small and large, wanted to embrace this form of photography in 2014. 

We have taken our fair share of headshots this year and we wanted to share some of them with you some and some of the reasons we think it is a good idea to join the trend.


Headshots are the ideal way to give your business a face for both current and potential customers to relate to.

The old adage that 'people buy people' is still quite true and in an age of technology where people rarely see or speak to each other in person, it is becoming more and more meaningful to have a human element to your business. 

We often find that companies want to portray a sense approachability and friendliness. There is definitely a move away from stuffy, stiff, uptight head-shots. 

The following shot of Hussain Miah from The Spice Lounge in Derby was more than happy to give us a friendly smile for his picture.

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Personalisation image


Having said that, there is still a need for a sense of professionalism to be conveyed in headshots and this is particularly important for professional services companies such as architects.

In 2014 we worked with the team from Justin Smith Architects to create a set of shots for the whole team which equally showed their friendly, approachable manner and their professional attitude towards their customers.

Below are some of the team's shots.

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Professionalism image


There is always a flip side to any rule of thumb and the Marketing Derby team certainly showed us they were up for a laugh.

In their headshot shoot, they also wanted to create a branded image of professional, approachable people so they could make full use of their photographs on the website, business cards and across professional profiles, but they also had a fun side... 

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Character image

As you can see, the team also want to produce shots of themselves having lots of fun so they could be used in other situations such as at their Annual General Meeting.

The team were lots of fun to work with and you can read more about their photoshoot and exactly how they have utilised their pictures in our blog post 'Commercial Photography for Marketing Derby

More interaction

Graphic designers Warm & Fuzzy invited us to help their client Candidate Source create images that showed a little bit more of their character. We shot both relaxed and fun headshots and Warm & Fuzzy developed a website for them to show this with fun illustrations laid over their headshots. See what they did here.

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More interaction image


We have had a lot of fun in 2014 with many different businesses across Derby and the East Midlands, taking their headshots and helping them to create an image of their business that their customers can really relate to. Check out some of our other portraits here.