4 Reasons Food Photography is So Important To Hospitality Marketing

Posted on Jan 5th 2015

As the UK’s tourism and hospitality sector is set to reach £22 billion in 2015, it is essential your business remains competitive and visible in this competitive marketplace.

This is why we have put together our top reasons why you should be including food photography in your marketing mix.

1. Make your service tangible

As all marketers, especially those in the service industries will know, it is essential to make your service as tangible as possible. What we mean by this is to give your service, whatever it may be, a tangible and physical element so customers have something to hold or see.

Whether you are marketing a hotel chain or promoting a restaurant, food photography is a fantastic way of making your service tangible. Especially when used on menus, appointment cards and as table decorations. 

Use of exciting and innovative food imagery on your website can also have a huge benefit when your customers are comparing your establishment to that of the competition. You can really set your venue apart from the rest with good photography.

Food photography on all printed and digital literature is the best way to show your customers and quality of the service they are going to receive at your establishment.

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1.	Make your service tangible image

2. Promote your brands personality

Your brand has a personality, whether it is;

  • high-end,
  • playful,
  • minimalistic or
  • bespoke.

Food photography is a fantastic way of creating and reinforcing these personality traits and then communicating them with your target audience.

Some interesting ways we have seen this done is shown below. The restaurant wanted to show the care and attention that goes into each dish, so we shot images which demonstrated their ‘hands-on’ approach to the food they created.

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2.	Promote your brands personality image

Another example of food photography being used to portray a brands personality is with Las Iguanas, a Latin American restaurant in Derby, who wanted to show the playful and colourful side in their promotional photography. These images can be seen in full on our Google+ page.

3. Pictures speak a thousand words!

It is an old cliché but it is true! You can convey so many different things with a simple, but effective image. Showing your food or services in context can show the audience the features AND benefits of your service, all in a single shot.

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3.	Pictures speak a thousand words! image

4. Pictures are more successful on social media

72% of all internet users are now active on social media with 71% of users accessing social media from a mobile device.

These are staggering statistics and they are only likely to grow so it is important that these channels feature heavily in your marketing mix, especially if you are targeting a consumer market as much of the hospitality sector is.

As a result, it is important to understand how these people are using social media. Engagement is the main objective for all brands and businesses who are using social media and it is said that ‘Photos are worth a Million Likes’.

It is far more likely a person will engage with, and share, an image because it requires very little time-investment compared to reading a long review or a lengthy article. Investing in quality food photography that conveys the quality of your service and your brands traits will reap major benefits when promoted via social media!

You can even go one step further and use your food images on social media to interact with your customers. Why not ask them to vote for their favourite dish or menu combination? Bring back old dishes based on demand from customers on social media without the risk of creating and marketing the dishes. 

The possibilities are endless!

So now what?

If you have found this post useful and would like some more information on how we could help you bring your food images to life across your marketing mix, contact us now: studio@cactusimages.com or on 01332 258331.

Why not have a look at some of our other food photography work and gain some inspiration. You can see a small collection of our portfolio or follow our Food Images on Pinterest for a more comprehensive look at how we support the hospitality sector.